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Recci 360 Degree Multi-angle Tablet/Mobile Stand

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Product features: 

  • Freely 360 degree rotating base, foldable, thin and easy to store
  • 180 degree viewing angle adjustment
  • Reduction of pressure noise during rotation
  • Can be used for tablets and iPads

Desktop holder for tablets and iPads: Long-term use of the tablet can cause irreparable harm to the user's health. The pressure on the neck vertebrae when holding these gadgets for a long time can be very dangerous. The advice of our experts on the side is this: Use a suitable support base for long-term use of your tablet and iPad. We offer you the full metal stand Recci iPad Stand RHO-M16. You will get to know more about this product.

Recci RHO-M16 iPad and tablet desktop swivel stand: The Recci RHO-M16 tablet holder allows you to use electronic devices for a longer period of time without having to be exposed to the risks of improper or prolonged use. The base of the clay phone is made of aluminum resistant to pressure and oxidation and has silicone retaining parts to prevent scratches on your gadgets. The presence of these silicone materials prevents the device from vibrating when in contact with the back surface of the iPad and tablet.

Ability to adjust visibility: Also, the presence of an anti-vibration base that allows 360 degree rotation of the desktop holder and the adjustment of the angle of the tablet or iPad through 2 arm connections creates a stunning freedom of action in such a way that the arm on the lower axis up to 360 degrees and in The upper axis can rotate up to 180 degrees. The weight of 515 grams of this product and its ability to fold make it easy to transport.

High weight bearing capacity: The Multi-Angle clay tablet stand can support the weight of all types of tablets and iPads. Thanks to the use of precise engineering, it is possible to use the gadget when charging vertically, taking into account a cut for the place where the charging cable passes