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About Us

Our motto is to provide effective solution to customers struggling on open market platforms that rely on multiple vendors and long communication hours to resolve a product related problem. Jopters was established to accommodate consumers struggling to find a reliable online platform. At jopters, we have 100% ownership of the products we sell enabling us to lift our after sales operational capability and providing end to end customer experience with there purchases. We intend to showcase trending products with multi purpose applications while we ensure 100% consumer protection.

At Jopters, we think as a consumer first before we embedded a dynamic work ecosystem that is extremely professional in dealing with customers concerns in a minimum time frame. WE prepared this unique selling proposition with a consumer mindset to ensure enjoyable, continuous, headache free and seamless shopping experience.

Best Quality

Our products are carefully selected from 1000’s of suppliers and undergo vigorous testing before they are approved for sale and made available to our customers. Investing on Jopters means an exchange of value, durability, reliability and confidence with our shoppers.

Customer Care

Communication is the first building block toward relationship building with our customers. We have a 24/7 dedicated customer support team that finds pride in addressing there concerns. Our work values are to be a part of your shopping journey not until the purchase but even after your purchase is completed

Flexible Policies

Jopters has 100% ownership of its stock giving it an edge over the open source multi platforms to address there customers concerns at a much quicker pace with effective satisfactory response. You do not like an item, got the item damaged, want to refund the order or any kind of support. We have you covered. Just skim through our policies to know more !

Door-Step Delivery Within 3 Days

Jopters has tied up with major market players for delivery of there orders. Selected after scrutiny and effective review of the professionalism levels and claims. We guarantee delivery of your orders under 3 days as minimum to 5 days at maximum based on your location of delivery.

Consumer Protection 

Jopters has a clear direction with regards to the rights of its consumers. In compliance with the consumer law. We will ensure 100% that your rights are provided and situations administered in accordance with the applicable law to avoid conflicts between the user or the platform

We are always AWAKE !!

Our customer service is 24/7. If you are facing issues to reach us outside working hours. Mail us ”” and our friendly staff will always assist you. You can also directly raise a ticket using your self-support >>