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JS1 SPORT AMOLED 1.52-inch Chat GPT Dual Strap Wireless Charging NFC Sport Mode Smart Gear Watch - Free Delivery

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JS1 SPORT microgram solution, Siche SF32LB551 chip, equipped with the latest Chat GPT function ❄️

4 buttons for easy control 

1.52 AMOLED High Hardness Glass Protected AMOLED Colorful Screen 🖥🎞

1. A brand new domineering gift box with a dual strap combination. 🎁🎊

2. Durable mirror surface, hard core quality, high-definition 480 * 480Res. 🥇

3. Convenient wireless charging, 250mAh large battery, low-power AI algorithm, energy saving of 20%

4. Hard core quality, strong and sturdy, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, fearless of harsh environments

5. Voice assistant+NFC+TikTok artifact, with a seamless encoder, accompany you on your long journey.

6. Multiple menu modes and colorful dials allow you to switch freely.

7. Enter sports mode with one click and view your exercise data in real-time.

8. Enter the program dock with one click to optimize your choices.

9. Multiple styles, new layout interface, creating a pleasant experience