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Automatic High-Pressure Sink Cup Rinse

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  • WORKS QUICKLY AND EASILY — Bottle rinser with forceful liquid jets directed at different angles, gives excellent results in seconds. Rinser's base has a disc, a bit angled to assist with draining straight to the basin.
  • MORE EFFICIENTLY THAN BY HAND — This cup cleaner for sink conveniently and quickly sprays actually all drink ware. Especially those that require much effort for washing - baby bottles, wine tumbler, cocktail shakers, glassware with irregular shapes.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE — Faucet glass rinser is made of first-rate ABS material, although the sprayer head is produced of high-grade steel. Decreases the risk of breaking the mug even though pressed hard. Heavy-duty construct, reliable and lasting.
  • SAVES YOU TIME — Place the cup upside down and push it slightly. Hold till it's clean. This glass washer for kitchen sink is very easy and handy. Water under high pressure helps tidy any jars perfectly, so no soaking or scrubbing is needed.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION — The perfect addition to any scullery, the setup only takes a few minutes. The sink cup washer package comes with setting guides as well as all the necessary hardware components that comply with the highest quality standards.