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Green Lion Transparent Magic Keyboard Case for iPad Air/Pro - Black - Free Delivery

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  • Design and Functionality: The Green Lion Transparent Magic Keyboard Case for iPad Pro 12.9" combines sleek design with practical features.
  • Battery Capacity: Equipped with a 450mAh lithium battery for extended use.
  • Standby Current: Maintains a low standby current of under 6.5ma.
  • Button Usage: Buttons consume on average less than 8.5ma.
  • Touchpad Efficiency: The touchpad draws less than 15ma when in use for drawing lines.
  • Charging Current: Features a robust charging current of 400ma ± 30ma for reliable and fast charging.
  • Operating Distance: Offers seamless communication and mobility with an operating distance of over 10 meters.
  • 360° Rotation: Provides unmatched adaptability and usability with 360° rotation.
  • Energy Efficiency: Minimizes sleep current to less than 0.1ma for optimal energy efficiency.
  • Versatility: Suitable for both professionals and students, enhancing and protecting your iPad Pro.