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Multi Insect Indoor Fly Trap Killer (1 Trap & 2 Glue Cards)

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  • Small & Powerful: A compact solution for controlling various flying insects like flies, fruit flies, moths, and gnats.
  • Easy to Use: Simply plug into any outlet near insect activity for immediate attraction and trapping.
  • Versatile Design: Can be plugged into any standard outlet and rotated as needed.
  • Child & Pet Friendly: An ideal option for households with children and pets.
  • UV LED Light: Generates light that naturally attracts a wide range of flying insects.
  • StickyTech Glue Cards: Insects are trapped securely and remain hidden from view until disposal.
  • Coverage: Provides protection for up to 400 square feet, suitable for large rooms.
  • User-Friendly: Easy setup by inserting the StickyTech glue card into the trap and plugging it in.
  • Continuous Protection: Designed to run 24/7 for ongoing insect control.